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Changing Jobs? Don’t Forget About Your 401(K)

401kOne of the most important questions you face when changing job is what to do with the money in your 401(k) because making the wrong move could cost you thousands of dollars or more in taxes and lower returns. Continue reading

IRS toughens the one-year wait between IRA rollovers

IRS Tax PrepIRA rollovers are a popular way of obtaining a short-term tax-free loan from an IRA. To receive tax-free treatment, the amount withdrawn from the IRA must be redeposited into the same or another IRA no later than 60 days after the taxpayer received the distribution (the 60-day requirement). In addition, the tax-free rollover privilege is limited to one rollover within any one-year period. The one-year period starts on the date the amount rolled over was received — not the date it was rolled over.

For years, the IRS has held that the one-year waiting period between IRAs applies separately to each IRA. This taxpayer-friendly interpretation allowed taxpayers with multiple IRA accounts to roll over two or more distributions during a 12-month period, provided each was from a different account. Continue reading